Phil Mickelson - Visualize Your Victory, with Ed Mylett


As a successful businessman, fellow left-handed golfer, and in general, Ed Mylett pronounces the utmost respect for Phil in how he carries himself as a Husband, Father, Friend, and his general demeanor towards treating other people.

Mylett on Mickelson: "There is no more articulate person in the game of golf," which proved to be the case throughout the course of the episode, as Phil opens up on nearly all aspects of life.

Question from Ed Mylett, relayed from his son who is currently playing college golf:

  • "What's the difference between the 50th ranked player in the world, and the 1st ranked player in the world"

Answer from Phil: immediately begins describing an example of how he told a young Amateur player of a drill which he used to practice to improve his short putting: make 100 three footers in a row. Phil checked back in on the Amateur a few weeks later to ask him how the progress was, to which the Amateur responded, "ahhh it was okay, I kind of made it to maybe around 50ish and stopped."

That's the difference between the best in the world - "I was willing to do whatever it took, however long it took, versus those who don't have the willpower who see things through."

Being the best in the world at something, is having the mindset of doing what you have to do, and doing whatever it takes to get there.

The difference between the #50 on tour and the #1 on tour is also going to be their ability to visualize shots and outcomes.

In general, across all industries and walks of life, people who are able to visualize the clearest are th